Our mission is to help place our clients front and center of the health-tech revolution

We collaborate with our clients to make sense and best use of artificial intelligence enabled healthtech processes such as sensors, machine learning, big data, data science, and the internet of things

Our Approach

At SensoAI, Gilbog, our proprietary recommendation engine applies data science to clinical studies to help connect the dots with novel technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Intelligence (IA), Machine Learning (ML), and data analytics (big and small data).
Our speciality is optimizing data inputs and outputs, and using analytics to monitor & drive behavioral change.

We Provide

Product/Service Plan

We work with your team to leverage our expertise in: Planning, Business Model Development, Proof of Concept to Build and Launch to position your solution in the digital space.

Data analytics

We understand how data can be harnessed with extreme rapidity in a programmatic way, and converted into meaningful and cost-effective solutions.

LifeCycle Management

Digital Solutions necessitate data driven iteration from the user engagement through the AI enhancement. Our business model builds this ongoing support into it to enable our resources to be your resources for the solution LifeCycle.


We engage with our clients to define optimal goals that align the solution with the needs of the business. We provide resource expertise in behavioral science, user experience, genetics, data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain and IoT to deliver digital health technology solutions.

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